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Kayak Fishing for Bass in Tennessee is What It’s All About

Combine Kayak fishing with your fly rod and it will bring outstanding results when bass angling.

Dedicated angler Damon Bungard goes Kayak fishing with this Jackson Kayak and clearly demonstrates how you can get on the bass fishing of a lifetime in this quick video.

I have written before about using small watercraft to get into those hard to reach spots for fishing, especially with canoes, but a kayak has even a shallower draft and will put you in places no angler probably has reached in years.

Combine these hot spots with fly fishing and you are definitely onto something special. Sometimes fly fishermen don’t think of going after more warm water fish like bass with their gear, but they should. The rivers near my home are teeming with bass and they absolutely murder flies, even when angling pressure is high. This is mainly because they see a lot of spin casting and bigger baits so when you present a fly, they can’t resist.

If you want to mix up your bass fishing this season get out on a kayak and get into those tight spaces and shallow water, it will definitely pay off.



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Kayak Fishing for Bass in Tennessee is What It’s All About