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Kayak Fisherman Almost Experiences Insane Death by Tarpon

tarpon fishing

Fishing from a kayak sounds all well and good. Unless you’re trying to catch a fish bigger than the boat. Or you.

You’ve probably seen videos before of kayak anglers being pulled around by the fish on the end of their line, but have you ever seen what happens when the fish realizes it’s as big as the thing it’s pulling?

This insane video just makes me misunderstand kayak fishermen more and more.

Call me crazy but after watching that video, I’m more in love with my bass boat than ever. It’s bigger than any fish I’m ever going to catch from it and best of all, it’s stable. And I don’t have to lie down next to the fish I’m tied into.

I’m sure there’s a certain level of thrill that comes from such activities, but I have no interest in experiencing that particular type of rush.



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Kayak Fisherman Almost Experiences Insane Death by Tarpon