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Join the Growing Community of Anglers Using Fishidy

All images via Fishidy

Fishidy, one of the most comprehensive technological fishing tools, is bringing incredibly useful angling info straight to you.

Today’s anglers come from a long line of sportsmen who have used the information they learn to better their odds the next time they hit the water. Stealing tidbits about a hot spot from a fellow fisherman, peering over a shoulder to see what bait another person is using, or even getting skunked for a full day can teach us a lot.

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One thing the modern angler has over his historical counterparts is the instant availability of that information. We’re living in an era unforeseen in fishing’s lifetime, a period in which fishfinders, motorized baits and up-to-the-minute reports influence how and why we fish.

What remains is the community factor involved in fishing, and it’s become a case of presumptions outweighing the truth. We’d assume fishermen are secretive about their information, but in reality, sharing word of a successful excursion and including the specifics is not uncommon. Maybe it’s because we live in a flatter, share-ready world, but fishermen are willing to engage with each other more than ever.

Capitalizing on the Community

One company that is setting out to take advantage of that, while delivering what is quite possibly the most comprehensive online fishing tool out there, is Fishidy. With thousands of waterways indexed, supplemented by Hot Spot fishing maps, local reports and tips and tricks, Fishidy offers a new kind of social network built for the angler.



We spent some time talking to Fishidy CEO Brian Jensen, and the insights he shared opened the door to Fishidy’s inherent objective of guiding people to the angling information they need.

“Fishermen are actually not as secretive as we thought,” Jensen told us when responding to the idea behind the social network and info sharing. “They’re eager.”

That eagerness has brought plenty of people to Fishidy, where Jensen’s GIS and mapping technology background paved the way for a better understanding of what anglers need. It’s the maps that set the tone, but the social aspect that enhanced Fishidy.

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“The connectivity of it all is what’s most impressive,” Jensen added. “Forums and other Gen 1-type tech started it, but this whole new explosion of social activity” was what really set it off.

Even the user interface of Fishidy resembles something you’d recognize from other social feeds, and the ability to leave messages, “Follow” and “Like” things sounds an awful lot like other popular social networks. What’s great about Fishidy is it keeps things centered around angling, and allows for a perfect platform to exchange ideas, tips and valuable information.

Enhancing the Experience

Fast forward from its start to today, and Fishidy has become nearly as important as your rod and reel. Users can create a private, online fishing log, view details including mapped location, GPS coordinates, species information, photos and weather conditions, and can designate how public the information is. It can be kept private, shared with a small group or with everyone on Fishidy. Some of that secretive nature can creep out, but overall, Fishidy is a place to share.

Jensen stressed that if people just try Fishidy, they’ll realize how much there is to love. It’s free to join, but a premium subscription is where anglers can take full advantage of Fishing Hot Spots, a recognized partner that has been in the fish mapping business for 35 years.

Things don’t just operate on a desktop either, and with Fishidy’s newest app release, the design, performance and functionality is as good as it’s ever been.


Fishidy’s CEO told us that it’s just the beginning, and mentioned that more features will be rolled out with stronger capabilities and enhanced information.

“There are going to be a lot more ways to use Fishidy,” Jensen promised.

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Join the Growing Community of Anglers Using Fishidy