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Japan Has a Fox Village You Can Visit and It’s Awesome


Hundreds of foxes vie for the attention and food of tourists in this Japanese fox village.

Japan is certainly an interesting place with some very unique wildlife viewing opportunities. Places like their island full of cats and another full of rabbits have quickly become internet sensations in recent years. Now feast your eyes on a place that may top them all: the fox village!

Zao Fox Village is located in Japan’s Miyagi Mountains, and is apparently a real hit with tourists. Can you blame them? Who wouldn’t want the opportunity to feed a huge horde of excited foxes?

There are six different kinds of foxes living in this village and, despite what you see in the video, they are not domesticated, so watch your fingers while feeding them! While foxes such as the Russian domesticated red fox is domesticated fairly easily, other foxes in the wild aren’t so much.

It costs 85 cents or about 100 yen to feed these sly animals. It seems like a good deal for such a unique opportunity. These animals are fat and healthy, and the photo opportunities afforded look to be endless.



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Japan Has a Fox Village You Can Visit and It’s Awesome