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Introducing the Grey Heron: Duck Assassinator [VIDEO]

Ducks are delicious, and grey herons love to snack on them.

Herons are opportunists. They’ll eat anything, including frogs, snakes, ducklings, and gophers.

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Here’s a rare look at one of these large birds making a meal out of a duckling.


The Scandinavian word for the heron is “reiger,” and you can find plenty of these large birds in the Netherlands. They are native to Europe and parts of Asia and are a common sight along the many rivers and waterways.

Grey herons are similar in size and appearance to the great blue heron. Like its cousin, the grey heron also resides in marshes and swampy areas.

It’s amazing how this heron just snatches a duckling right out from under its mother’s nose. This mama duck will need to be more vigilant in the future.

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Introducing the Grey Heron: Duck Assassinator [VIDEO]