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Intense & Rare Video of Leopard Attack on Gazelle [VIDEO]

Watch this video of a stealthy leopard attack on a gazelle.

A group of tourists in East Africa was fortunate enough to witness the extremely rare sight of a leopard hunting during the daytime.

This video by SafariCam shows once again, life is tough and unforgiving in Africa, especially for prey animals.

More intense hunting videos:

As shown in an earlier post, Thomson’s Gazelle are at the bottom of the food chain in Africa and are food for a wide variety of predators.

This video is an excellent demonstration of the amazing stealth, strength and speed that leopards possess what makes them such a formidable predator. This gazelle never really had a chance.

Have you ever seen a predator chase down dinner in person? Leave your responses in the comments below.

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Intense & Rare Video of Leopard Attack on Gazelle [VIDEO]