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The Importance of Talking to Your Kids About Gun Safety [VIDEO]

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Talking to your kids about gun safety should happen earlier than you might think.

If you were raised in a hunting family, you were more than likely taught about gun safety at an early age. Then again, maybe not young enough.

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Even if you’re not a hunting family, your kids likely see guns in video games or at friends’ houses. Gun safety education is very important to prevent confusion and potential tragedies down the road. Watch the video for some helpful tips.


A critical message to take from this video is that even children as young as three years of age should be taught about gun safety. You shouldn’t wait until your kids are teenagers and in hunter education. Nor do your kids need to be hunters to benefit from gun safety lessons.

Thanks to the National Shooting Sports Foundation for spreading the message of gun safety. Go check out Project Child Safe for more resources and to sign a pledge with your kids.

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The Importance of Talking to Your Kids About Gun Safety [VIDEO]