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Ice Fisherman Uses Creative Thinking To Rescue Boy Who Fell Through Ice


An ice fisherman used some quick thinking to save the life of a 12-year-old boy who fell through ice of a frozen Idaho lake on Monday.

KTVB News reported the story, which occurred on Garden Pond in Boise, Idaho. The boy was walking on ice 20 feet out from the small pond’s shoreline when he fell through. A nearby ice fisherman saw the boy fall in and rushed over to to rescue him.

Looking for an object to use as a lifeline, the ice fisherman ran to his car. He found a power chord, which he threw to the boy. A person walking by the lake rushed in to help the ice fisherman pull the boy out of the pond’s chilly waters. After four minutes in the water, they were able to rescue the boy. He was rushed to an ambulance on the scene where he was able to warm up and reunite with his mother. Despite treading the frigid water, the young boy escaped uninjured.

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Image: KTVB
Image: KTVB

This picture of Garden Pond shows how the ice is beginning to melt.

Idaho Fish and Game’s website cautions ice anglers to use discretion when choosing a pond or lake to ice fish on. With the changing season and fluctuating temperatures, some frozen ponds can be unsafe to fish on. Fish and Game also recommends bringing a knife or sharp laynard that can be worn around the neck to use as a grip on surface ice in case of a fall through.

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Ice Fisherman Uses Creative Thinking To Rescue Boy Who Fell Through Ice