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Hunter Saves Fawn in Desperate Need of Help [VIDEO]

Hunter saves a young deer that is unusually, and painfully, caught in a barbed wire fence.

We often see deer with one or both of their hooves stuck in a fence, but this hunter’s encounter is just agonizing to see. We can only imagine how much the deer must be suffering, but thankfully this hunter lets the little guy loose.

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We are always glad to see videos of deer being rescued from such a painful experience, because no animal should endure such an excruciating death.

If starvation or dehydration wouldn’t have killed this young deer, predators would have had their way with the deer and that is when hunters like this guy will always step up for the rescue.

As deer populations increase, the chances that you will come across such an incident as this will also increase. We have a responsibility as sportsmen to do the right thing, and this hunter indeed did what was needed for this young deer.

Well done sir, and thanks for the video!

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Hunter Saves Fawn in Desperate Need of Help [VIDEO]