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How To Store Your Sleeping Bag and Give It a Rest [VIDEO]


Here’s a short and sweet clip on how to store your sleeping bag.

Storing a sleeping bag properly when you aren’t out on the trail is the key to keeping your sleeping bag retaining its loft and warmth for many years.

Here is a short video from GearAidProducts that tells it pretty clearly and gives some good advice for how to store your bag when you aren’t out there sleeping under the stars.

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Most folks never even realize this is a necessary step in taking good care of their camping gear, but if you really want to keep your stuff around for years, this is the way to do it.

A sleeping bag, perhaps more so than a tent or pack, is the one piece of camping equipment that needs to be in great shape for it to be effective to its fullest capabilities.

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How To Store Your Sleeping Bag and Give It a Rest [VIDEO]