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Honey Hungry Bear is the Newest New Jersey Beehive Vandal

Daily Record via George Easley

It almost sounds like a joke, but for one farmer in New Jersey who lost 50,000 bees, this bear’s vandalism has gone too far. 

In Morris Township, New Jersey, George Easley just can’t seem to keep his bees safe. The black bear began appearing in the neighborhood around the end of November, and has since caused some serious problems for the Easleys.

After his beehives were knocked over more than once, George purchased a trail cam and found his culprit: a honey hungry bear.

In the video, you can see the bear casually knocking over the beehives. In fact, the bruin knocked over all five beehives in his latest vandalism, and due to the cold weather, all 50,000 bees in the hives died.

“Easley has a small farm, where he grows blueberries and applies, and he has hundreds of thousands of bees to help pollinate the crops.” Beekeeping is also part of his secondary income, and this honey hungry bear is just making things worse.

New Jersey’s Department of Environmental Protection suggested to George that he put up an electric fence, and the police also have enough ammunition against the bear to deem it a nuisance.

The New Jersey black bear hunt always brings nay-sayers each year when it occurs, but it’s for reasons like these that the conversation hunt is necessary.



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Honey Hungry Bear is the Newest New Jersey Beehive Vandal