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Hog Hunting with a Spear? Prepare to be Charged [VIDEO]

Hog hunting has it’s dangers, and this hunter finds that out pretty quick.

Jordan Wright and Team Radical go hog hunting in Florida with nothing but a camera, a couple dogs, and a spear.

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When you corner a big boar, you can expect a charge, and that’s exactly what happened to Jordan. It takes some guts to go running after a big boar with nothing but a spear; they can be very aggressive and will do major damage to a hunter with their razor-sharp teeth.

After chasing the boar for a few minutes, they finally had it cornered, and when Jordan goes in for the kill, the big boar charges right at him. Jordan managed to spear the hog near his head, but the boar was still able to send Jordan the opposite direction and ultimately on his butt. Even that wasn’t enough to put the pig down for the count, and when they approached for the second time, Jordan was yet again charged.

Finally, after spearing the pig multiple times, he is down for good, and it goes to show just how tough a wild boar can be.

Never will you feel more alive with a wild boar charging you with nothing more then a spear in hand.

Hog hunting with a spear can be dangerous, but luckily Jordan was not hurt during the hunt. We’re glad they got it on film, because it was an exciting hunt!

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Hog Hunting with a Spear? Prepare to be Charged [VIDEO]