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Here’s What Firing a Cannon in Super Slow Mo Looks Like [VIDEO]


A pyramid of mixed drinks meets its demise via cannonball in this slow motion video.

The Slow Mo Guys make videos of things happening in slow motion. No surprise there. Their videos often feature firearms, explosions, and other cool stuff and give viewers a look at very fast events slowed down enough to enjoy with the naked eye.

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It is very interesting to watch just how a cannon going off or a weapon firing looks when slowed down this much.

The cannon ball in this video doesn’t even break a sweat as it travels through the stacked up glasses, yet still delivers a devastating effect.

The Slow Mo Guys also learned that when it comes to cannonball vs. GoPro camera, the cannonball will win every time.

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What are some things that you enjoy watching in slow motion? Share your thoughts down in the comments section below!

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Here’s What Firing a Cannon in Super Slow Mo Looks Like [VIDEO]