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Hawk Responsible for Death of Small Dog in North Carolina

ABC 11

This small dog may not be this large hawk’s first victim.

In a shocking case of nature intruding on civilization, a family in Apex, North Carolina are mourning the loss of their beloved dog after it was killed by a hawk.

Ron Johnson’s 15-year-old Chihuahua, Cocoa, found herself an unexpected target of a predatory bird while sitting in her owner’s garden. Johnson was shocked when he opened the door and spotted the hawk trying to take off with his beloved pet.

“When I opened the door, he just flew off with her,” Johnson told a local news station. “He just had her in his claws.”

Johnson ran outside and yelled at the hawk, which dropped the dog. He called police immediately, but it was too late for Cocoa. Johnson said the hawk had made a big hole in the tiny dog’s throat and broken her neck.

Even more surprisingly, the large predatory bird was still hanging around the nearby area when police showed up to investigate.

ABC 11

Even more unfortunately, the attack provides Johnson with a plausible explanation for the mysterious disappearance of his other Chihuahua, Cocoa’s brother Rico. He went missing with no trace the previous winter during a snow storm.

“My wife is still, you know, a little upset about it because she’s so used to coming into the house and having her yap yap call her name,” Johnson told the station.

While the Johnsons are extremely upset over having to bury their beloved pet, they are using the incident to make sure other small dog owners are aware of the dangers from above. While the incident is unique to the area at the moment, Apex’s police are warning other small pet owners to be cautious.

Immediately after the incident with Cocoa, the Johnsons thoughts turned to their neighbors and their small dog. Johnson’s son went over to warn them of the possible danger flying above.

“He just let them know – a hawk just attacked Cocoa so y’all need to be careful,” Johnson said.

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Hawk Responsible for Death of Small Dog in North Carolina