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Gun Owners Respond to the New Facebook Gun Control Policy

Facebook gun control

Recently, Facebook banned private sale of firearms on its social media platform, and gun owners responded.

If you were looking to buy a new or used gun on Facebook, you might be out of luck, as the social media platform has banned the sale of firearms on its website. This news clip dictates exactly what the Facebook gun control policy means for you.

The Facebook gun control policy prohibits the exchange of firearms from private sellers and unlicensed buyers. This is obviously making some firearm owners unhappy.

Devon Kelly, the creator of a gun trade and buyer Facebook page, told reporters, “If they want to choose what the rules will be, we have to abide by it. Most, you can definitely see the fear and kind of the anger coming out from them being restricted on being able to buy and sell what they choose and what they please.”

According to reports, “In 2014, Facebook made restrictions on gun sales blocking posts that reached minors.” This new Facebook gun control policy is the first time illegal buying and selling is being addressed by the social media platform.


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Gun Owners Respond to the New Facebook Gun Control Policy