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You Know You Want to See a Gun Fired Underwater in Slow Motion [VIDEO]


Once again, The Slow Mo Guys deliver up an awesome video, this time of a gun fired underwater.

Leave it to The Slow Mo Guys to fire a gun underwater, film it with incredible high-speed cameras, and give us a chance to see some incredible sights.

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The guys take a 9MM and a revolver into a pool, and using a sophisticated v1610 camera to highlight all the ballistic action happening under the surface.

The camera is capable of decreasing footage speed more than 1,000 times slower than real life.

When the bullet is discharged, the water is pushed out of the way by the gas expansion creating the large bubbles. They are then quickly pushed back inwards by the water pressure.

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It should go without saying, but please don’t try this at home. These are professionals who took the necessary precautions, but serious injury or death can occur anytime you experiment with firearms.

What do you wish you could see in super slow motion?

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You Know You Want to See a Gun Fired Underwater in Slow Motion [VIDEO]