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Graphic Footage Shows Aquarium Diver Being Attacked by Shark

Here’s the horrifying moment every diver dreads and it happened in an aquarium! This is the stuff that nightmares are made of.

Several divers swimming with a ragged tooth shark, also known as grey nurse shark, were trying to “assist” the animal due to its ongoing pregnancy.

At one point, a tag or possibly a tranquilizer dart is being readied by the diver to apply to the shark. The next moment, the tag is shown sticking out of the shark near its dorsal fin.

What happens next is the gruesome result of a large shark that has had it up to here with being surrounded and held.

Warning: the shark’s bite results in multiple graphic, bleeding wounds to the diver’s arm.

What’s not immediately clear is why the shark needed an assist by the diver due to her pregnancy, the need for the ‘dart’, or why the diver could be seen grabbing the large animal. Certainly these professionals knew exactly what they were doing and had taken all the precautions necessary, but dealing with wild animals is always a crapshoot.

What is known is that the diver has since made a full recovery from his wounds. When you see an animal with that much size and strength latch onto a man’s arm and flail about like that it’s almost as bad as seeing the wound afterwards.

No, the open wound was way worse.


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Graphic Footage Shows Aquarium Diver Being Attacked by Shark