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Golden Rainbow Trout Shows Up on End of Georgia Angler’s Line

Image via Georgia Outdoor News

This Georgia fisherman was trying for a golden rainbow trout, and he got one.

How many times can you say you caught the exact fish you were fishing for?

Zach Baker, of Maysville, Georgia, got about as close as you can get to accomplishing that feat when he landed this gorgeous golden-colored rainbow trout in a North Georgia public stream he is reluctant to name, and for good reason.

In an interview with Georgia Outdoor News, Baker said “I saw a golden-colored trout three weeks prior to catching this one. I immediately knew I wanted to land a fish of that color.”

After getting to his spot late on February 22 and seeing no success with a crankbait, Baker switched to a Berkley PowerBait in salmon peach. A bite on the first cast led to a three-minute struggle, and a rare fish inside the net.

“When I landed this fish, I was truly amazed,” said Zach. “I had caught the golden-colored trout I had been after for three weeks. I immediately put a stringer in it. True excitement!”

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“I have caught a lot of big trout,” said Zach. “But this trout will be the most memorable. The golden trout was 17 inches and 2 pounds. This was a true adrenaline rush.”

According to, the highest odds of the fish’s origins lie in a hatchery-raised strain developed in the 50s. called the West Virginia golden trout. Selective breeding of the color mutation led to the trout’s golden-hued coloring.



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Golden Rainbow Trout Shows Up on End of Georgia Angler’s Line