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Girls with Guns Sharing New, Stylish Women’s Hunting Gear

Check out the offerings from Girls with Guns, an apparel line just for ladies.

Calling all huntresses, outdoorswomen, and wives of sportsmen: Have you heard of Girls with Guns?

If not, let us take the pleasure of introducing you to one of the newest, coolest lines of women’s outdoor wear available on the market.

The fine folks at Girls with Guns have devoted their products to the female demographic that’s tired of buying a Men’s small and hoping for the best. With women hunters and shooters among the highest growing dempgraphics in both industries, there’s no wonder a company like Girls with Guns is able to see immediate attention and success.

Best friends Jen and Norissa worked to create a “combination of our passion for the sport of shooting, hunting and fashion … [to] let women show their love for hunting and shooting in an edgy way.”

That equates to a growing line of useful, stylish, and properly-fitting apparel that’s great for wearing in the woods as well as at home and out on the town. It’s clear that comfort and quality are both high priorities for the people behind Girls with Guns.

Those priorities shine in the example of their GWG Leggings in a Mossy Oak and Pink pattern, which we had the pleasure of trying out. As a base layer (or even as yoga pants), these leggings are a fantastic choice for a female looking to upgrade their apparel.


The Girls with Guns line continues from there, with jackets, footwear, and gear bags, each of which would be greatly appreciated by any female outdoorswoman.

From there, the fashion collections take things to another level. If a combination of pink and camo is your thing, then Girls with Guns will not disappoint. Many of the items double as workout gear, and can really help women proudly promote their hunting and shooting lifestyles.

Bottom line, if you or someone you know is a female who’s into hunting and shooting, then Girls with Guns should be on their radar.


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Girls with Guns Sharing New, Stylish Women’s Hunting Gear