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Giant Arapaima Monsters Move Fast When Hungry [VIDEO]

Even in a fishing zoo, the arapaima is one hell of a monster when it wants to eat.

This is how a five-foot, hundred-pounder swarms bait and tackles it like an NFL linebacker.

When you’re dangling a tender morsel over a swarm of giants, like this woman, hang on and have a towel ready.

The arapaima is a native of the Amazon River and other freshwater basins of South America. It can grow as long as eight feet and weigh up to 200 pounds!

Apparently in some “mini-zoo” in Pattaya, Thailand, they raise captive arapaima and let tourists feed them. It’s amazing to see how fast a beast of that size can move when it wants to.

I feel the same way when there’s one slice of pizza left in the box and my brother’s across the table from me.


Giant Arapaima Monsters Move Fast When Hungry [VIDEO]