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The Good Ol’ Speckled Trout Landing Two-Step [VIDEO]

Hooking a speckled trout is one thing, getting it onto the stringer is something else altogether.

The funny thing is, even though these fish seem to readily bite at times, they just don’t want to be caught. Don’t we know it!

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Be ready to smile and watch this guy do the fish landing two-step. Putting a nice trout in the creel has never been so much fun.


One of the places that speckled trout live in is the shallow bays and estuaries of the Gulf of Mexico. During the spring and summer months they are the most common making them a good target for shore and wader fishing in Texas and other gulf states.

This young man has a couple of keepers on the stringer already and watching him try to land another one gave us the smile of the day.

He obviously has the tools and the talent to catch some nice speckled trout and give him credit for being such a good sport while his friends were laughing.


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The Good Ol’ Speckled Trout Landing Two-Step [VIDEO]