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Get Ready for the Rabbit Stampede! [VIDEO]

How many rabbits have you seen in one place at one time? This many?

This woman on Rabbit Island (Okunoshima) in Japan gets chased by hundreds of bunny rabbits.

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Rabbit Island is home to thousands of rabbits that were introduced during WWII. Rabbits are known for their prolific mating and have now literally taken over the island.


That’s a lot of rabbits. Cute or is this island in need of some pest control?

These rabbits are technically feral but because so many humans feed them, they are quite domesticated.

You can camp on Okunashima, walk the trails around the island, and see some WWII historic buildings and ruins. You’ll just have a pack of Bunniculas following you around.

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Get Ready for the Rabbit Stampede! [VIDEO]