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Gear Review: Big Sky Overhead Double Gun Rack [PICS]

Big Sky Racks

Big Sky Racks offer another way to secure your firearms while transporting them. 

Most people who own gun racks have them mounted in their rear window, which has worked for millions since their creation. I myself have used the very same kind in almost every truck I have owned, but never again after recently purchasing the Big Sky SBR-2G overhead gun rack.

Overhead racks require a little more planning and work to install but, in my opinion, are worth it. They don’t block your view while driving, hide your guns from view of any passerby, and securely hold your firearms in place.

Product Specs

  • Square, lightweight aluminum frame
  • Thick foam padding to protect and secure firearms
  • Quick access hook and loop velcro fastening system
  • Adjustable mounting brackets to fit most firearms,with or without scopes
  • Telescopic design to fit most vehicles
  • Out of sight and way transport
Big Sky Racks

Out of the box

Upon opening the box I found each piece neatly wrapped in cushioned foam and bubble wrap. All the mounting hardware was together in a small plastic baggy.

It does require some initial assembly that takes about five minutes. All required hardware is provided, as well as a hex key to tighten down some parts of the rack.

Simply slide the telescoping rod into its counterpart and slide on the six adjustable gun slots. They will be tightened down later with the hex key after being sized for the gun to be held on that side. Two 10mm nuts and bolts hold on a mounting bracket on each side.


The SBR-2G is designed to fit most vehicles by mounting the inner headliner rails above the doors and windows. You simply center it where you want, mark the mounting bracket holes, drill them out, and bolt it in place with the eight provided self-taping bolts.

This is the only downside to the SBR-2G. Drilling holes into your headliner and body is not something a lot of people will want to do, especially if you are wanting to put this into a new vehicle.

It didn’t bother me any to do it to my old Ford Explorer which is my daily driver. I mounted mine in the center of my cargo area between my rear windows (pictured below).

Make sure you double check where your holes are going. I mounted mine a little to low the first time below my headliner hooks. The bottom two bolts didn’t have enough metal to go all the way into. I had to move it up some more and re-drill the holes to get it to work.

The racks are not just limited to the roofs of vehicles either. They can be made to fit on UTV roll bars or mounted to the inside of a car’s trunk.

big sky
Alex Burton

On the go

After I got it installed I sized one side to fit my Marlin .22 long rifle, and the other for my Mossberg 500 shotgun. These are the two guns I use the most while hunting and target shooting. I tightened the gun holders in place and slid both guns into them in minutes.

A single velcro strap holds the weapons in place on both sides. At first it concerned me to trust the safety of my weapons to one strap, but it proves to hold very well. The gun hook padding securely pressed around their stocks to provide an excellent tight fit as well.

To make sure they wouldn’t move no matter where I was driving, I took my truck down a rough dirt road on a property where I hunt close by. The rifle or shotgun never moved or slid out of place.

Another concern I had with an all steel frame was possible noise. I have never heard any squeaking, rattling, or clanking since I installed it. I’m pretty sure the headliner does a pretty good job of eliminating most of that issue.

Pricing and warranty

I ordered my Big Sky rack from Amazon for $89.99 and it was eligible for free two-day shipping with Amazon Prime. This is on the lower end compared to some of the other brands with similar products. It arrived exactly on time to my door step with no issues.

All Big Sky Rack frames come with a limited five year warranty, while the padding and straps are only covered for one year. Simply return it to the place of purchase or Big Sky Racks with proof of purchase if any defects are found or repair is required.


I have had mine in my SUV for over a month now with no issues. I am really liking the ease of access to my weapons when I go shooting.

Since my guns are up out of the way it leaves my entire cargo area available for me to bring anything else I need along with me. No more worrying about my guns sliding around or having the scopes knocked off-center. Plus I no longer have to worry about messing with cases when I get to where I am going. I just simply reach up, unstrap the gun, and pull it down.

The BGR-2 would be a great product to any shooter or hunter who likes to keep their weapons in their vehicles. I will definitely be checking out some of Big Sky Racks other products in the future.

To learn more about Big Sky Racks or to view their other products view there website.

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Gear Review: Big Sky Overhead Double Gun Rack [PICS]