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Gallery of HUMONGOUS Moose Antlers [PICS]

Knight's Taxidermy "Alaska"

Many mature bull moose have big antlers, but some have antlers that are SCARY BIG.


Here are 14 photos of some HUGE moose antlers. These are the kind of racks that make you utter a breathy “WHOA.”

These are the moose of dreams, with the kind of racks that may cause you to ponder adding another room onto your house just so you have a wall wide enough to hang a rack like these. These are racks of 70 inches or more, with base circumferences like forearms, and weights of 100+ pounds for the antlers alone.

So take your time, enjoy visualizing yourself sitting behind one of these big bruisers.

Click through the slideshow to fuel your dreams with visions of monster moose.

What a beast!

Animal Kid

Sean McLean moose.

Seam McLean’s Alaska-Yukon moose, shot in 2010 in NT, scored 253.

Six monster racks.

Alaska Big Game Hunting

The moose racks in this photo range in outside width from 63 inches to 74 inches. Two were taken by bow and each of them will make solid P&Y entries. The other four were taken by rifle; two of them will qualify for B&C entries, and the other two are darn nice bulls by any standard!


Knight’s Taxidermy “Alaska”

Pic of a ginormous rack from Knight’s Taxidermy in Alaska.

Real Langlois moose.

Fishing Fury

French Canadian hunter Real Langlois’ world record moose. The rack scored 249 1/8 inches.

That big bruiser has some scary headgear.

Heartland Outdoors

Here’s one live from Manitoba. The guy who took these pictures got within 50 feet and said, “In my view he would be a new MB record. Giving him 7 inches between antler bases he is 70+ inches, 19 identifiable points each side – I am predicting he would be over 230.”

Jay Link moose

The Great White Hunter

Jay Link’s Russian World Record Moose, Kamchtka Pennisula. Link recounted, “This was one of the toughest hunts I have been on through my travels around the world. I refer to the hunt as a ‘tough man’s contest,’ rather then a hunt.”

Jay Link moose.

The Great White Hunter

Another angle of Jay Link’s Russian World Record Moose-Kamchtka Pennisula. Link continued, “It was a great experience. As to the score of the moose, it should end up somewhere between 550 and 600 points SCI. It has huge mass and extremely wide paddles, with 20 points on one side and 18 points on the other.”

Mrs. Ruth’s moose.


Three shots off her knee at 240 yards. All three in the boiler room and in about a three-inch circle.

Muzzleloader moose.

Gallery Hip

This moose is the potential 3rd largest Canadian moose in the world taken with a muzzle loader…approx. 210 inches. Taken with Parker Bullets and Blackhorn 209.

Debra Cards’ moose.

Safari Club International

Debra Cards record Alaska-Yukon moose. Her moose had whopping 74 2/8-inch spread with 19 points on one side and 20 on the other and scored an extraordinary 731 1/8 inches. To put in perspective how gigantic this moose was, it is a full 225 inches (68%) larger than the largest Shiras Moose in the record books.

Four giants

Max Schwab

Bob Condon’s beast.

Domain/Company Name

Bob Condon moose, shot in 2012. Condon, 73, shot the 1,500-pounds in the Brooks Range in Alaska. The antlers weighed 98 pounds, measured 73 inches, with a circumference of roughy 10 inches at the base.

Heinz Naef moose.

CBC News – North

Heinz Naef moose shot in 2013 near the Yukon River. Weighed around 1,250 pounds. Antlers 75¼ inches.

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Gallery of HUMONGOUS Moose Antlers [PICS]