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Gabby Gifford Pushes for Gun Control Bill

NY Daily News

Former Arizona U.S. Representative, Gabby Gifford, is promoting a new gun control bill in Connecticut.

Former U.S. Representative Gabby Gifford, now gun control activist, is helping to promote the latest gun control proposals since the Newtown school shooting. The bill would require subjects of a restraining order or protective order to surrender all guns and ammo within 24 hours of the order.

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Opposers of the bill state a law already exists where this kind of protection is offered and a new law does not need to be put in to place. Gun rights activists also fear the proposal would remove guns without due process creating the potential for abuse.

Connecticut passed a basket of gun control laws in 2013. Although the legislature really isn’t talking about guns right now, the bill and Gifford’s voice bring attention to domestic violence situations. Representative Malloy, who is championing this bill believes if the victim is in danger enough to be granted a court ordered temporary protection, they should not have to wait until they are fully protected.


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Gabby Gifford Pushes for Gun Control Bill