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Fly Angler and Bull Elk Share the Stream [VIDEO]

You don’t really need anything to add to the majestic experience of fly fishing in the mountains, but this fly angler and bull elk sharing a stream at the same time should do the trick.

Seriously, what else do you need to make your awesome fly fishing excursion any better? Just imagine working your line, trying to find that perfect spot, and there is a huge bull elk standing on the bank of the stream, being all magnificent.

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This lucky angler’s day just went from good to great, thanks to this nice bull making his appearance, and even drinks from the stream while she is just a few feet away. How cool is that?

Talk about one of your all-time best fishing stories…

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Most hunters aren’t lucky enough to get close enough to a bull elk for a shot during their hunt, and this lucky lady has one walk right up next to her, and give her a perfect broadside shot… I might add.

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Fly Angler and Bull Elk Share the Stream [VIDEO]