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Float Fishing Worms for Steelhead in High, Muddy Water with Pro Escobedo


Pro Escobedo of VIP Outdoors explains his rigging for float fishing pink worms for steelhead in high, muddy water.

As the rivers rise and visibility falls, creating a presentation that catches the attention of steelhead in high, muddy water can be a challenge.

Pro Escobedo of VIP Outdoors offers this rig to give the fish something that is both visual and scented to create a target fish can find in tough conditions.

Escobedo recommends using a Hawkens Aerofloat bobber, pointing to the fact that they come ready to rig with everything in the package, bobber stops and beads included. The “straw” that goes through the center of the float has a larger diameter, which makes for easy threading on the water when it’s raining, making your hands and line wet. This is the same model float that Marlin Lefever of Fishing Addicts Northwest uses for float fishing pink worms, which he marinates in scent prior to his trips to the water.

Below the Aerofloat, he attaches a Dave’s Tangle-Free weight to a snap swivel. A 10 pound leader of three to four feet of Maxima Ultragreen attached to another snap swivel with a slinky, pencil lead or split shot to keep the presentation down. That swivel is attached to another two foot leader with a wacky-rigged pink worm. Western Fishing Operations and Dave’s Tangle Free Weights both made the cut for the Wide Open Spaces 5 Most Innovative Lures and Tackle of 2015, and make an excellent pairing for this rigging. (For a tutorial on wacky-rigging pink worms, definitely watch this video by Joseph Princen)

Just behind the wacky-rigged worm is a yarnball. While a bead or corkie sometimes adds to this presentation, the yarnball will hold a great deal of scent that will help fish locate the target. Pro-cure water soluable scents will produce a wider scent trail than the most of the gel and oil based scents.


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Float Fishing Worms for Steelhead in High, Muddy Water with Pro Escobedo