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Fishermen Rescue a Fawn in the Middle of a Lake [VIDEO]

It’s not always a hunter that comes across a deer in distress; these fishermen rescue a fawn close to drowning and in dire need of help.

No matter who you are, but especially if you’re a sportsmen who enjoys the outdoors, there’s an obligation to do the right thing when you encounter an animal in distress.

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These fishermen did just that when the saw this poor fawn in the middle of the lake.


Anything can happen in the wild, and it’s not surprising that a fawn would accidentally swim out into the lake, get stranded, and in need of rescue.

When these fishermen spotted this baby deer trying to keep its head above water they did exactly what any of us should do. They immediately went into rescue mode and were able to pull the fawn out of the water and secure it in the boat.

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It looks like they tried to let it stand in the boat, but after quickly realizing that probably wasn’t a good idea since the fawn could barely stand, one of the fishermen cradles the fawn until they get close enough to the shore to release it.

It was a pleasant sight to see that young deer make its way back to shore. Great job, guys!

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Fishermen Rescue a Fawn in the Middle of a Lake [VIDEO]