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How to Fish with Scented Shrimp in Florida’s Waters

Let Darcie show you how to use ZMan Scented Shrimp the proper way in sunny Florida waters.

Darcie demonstrates the proper method when using ZMan Scented Shrimp on a inshore saltwater fishing adventure in the Sunshine State.

After watching this clip you will know how to wrangle up some huge catches on you next fishing excursion.

This bait is available in three and four inch sizes and comes in several different colors. Note that Darcie was using a jig head when rigging the ZMan Scented Shrimp; she first determined the placing of the jig by holding it next to the bait.

The best way to bait the fish using a ZMan Scented Shrimp is to slowly retrieve it or make twitches.

According to Darcizzle, the ZMan Scented Shrimp are great for reeling in snook, redfish, bluefish and stripers. Now that you know how to use them, pick up this bait and get ready for some great fishing.



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How to Fish with Scented Shrimp in Florida’s Waters