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Fearless Deckhand Goes Overboard for Bruiser Peacock Bass

A quick-thinking deckhand had no problem getting all wet to save this fisherman’s big peacock bass.

Here’s a typical look at something we’ve all seen as fishermen: we got the big one all the way to the boat and it’s about to slip off the hook and get away.

Well, this is a great look at one guy will do for a friend that’s about to lose a mighty fine fish, and by the reaction of the men in the boat they appreciate it with all their hearts!

Even in a different language you can understand the man with the rod and reel in his hands when he says “ahhh, no!” as the first guy disappears into the lake.

The best part may just be the short silence before the deckhand emerges from the water with that nice peacock bass in his arms to a resounding chorus of cheers from the other guys on the boat!

Congratulations to this fearless deckhand for the nice save, he can fish with me anytime!


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Fearless Deckhand Goes Overboard for Bruiser Peacock Bass