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Watch As a Fawn Gets Rescued and Get All Gooey Inside [VIDEO]


When this fawn gets rescued from a fence and rejoins its mother, our hearts melted just a little.

There are few online videos we’ve seen that are so short and so sweet, emphasis on the sweet.

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Watch this one from YouTuber MostViewed01 and share it with your toughest, roughest hunting buddies. See if you can break them, or at least get an “Awwww” out of them.

Sure there’s a look of sheer panic on the little guy’s face, but it ends quickly. And it looked like mom wasn’t far off, as the two reunited immediately after the rescue.

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It sure seemed like that doe wanted to say thank you, and probably would have if it could talk.

This video has it all: a cute baby animal, a rescue scene, and a reunion of mother and child fit for Hollywood.

Only it’s real life, and it’s right outside our doors.

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Watch As a Fawn Gets Rescued and Get All Gooey Inside [VIDEO]