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If Falling in the Water Were a Contest… [VIDEO]


Can 3 guys fall out of the same paddle boat? If falling in the water were a contest these guys might just take the first prize.

It’s really impossible not to laugh at these fails. The guys in the paddle boat are almost graceful in their incompetence, and the guy that face-plants out of the speeding skiff probably needed dental work after that deal.

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I think it’s safe to say there are a few injuries sustained in the making of this compilation, but hopefully the victims of these boating mishaps can look back and laugh. Because everyone else is.


Not only did all three guys fall out of the paddle boat, but the vessel actually flipped over directly on top of them. I don’t think they could do that again if they tried. And I hope the fella who tried to jump on the ski boat while it was backing away from the dock isn’t planning on having any children; for various reasons.

Most of the occupants of these boats and small crafts were not wearing life preservers of any sort. It can’t save your life if it’s not on. Be safe out there, but by all means, keep the funny stuff coming.

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If Falling in the Water Were a Contest… [VIDEO]