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Falconry Duck Hunting with a Goshawk [VIDEO]

A goshawk makes short work of a fleeing mallard showing the effectiveness and efficiency of falconry.

A falconer carries a northern goshawk through a field and toward what appears to be a narrow drainage ditch or creek holding a small flock of waterfowl. He pauses briefly before flushing the ducks and releasing the bird of prey, which immediately targets a fleeing drake mallard as it crosses the creek.

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The duck doesn’t get far before the goshawk, showing incredible speed and accuracy slams into the drake and brings it down. The falconer rushes to the kill and quickly dispatches the still live duck, and allows the goshawk some measure of reward as it begins pecking at the bird.


The goshawk was once known as “the cook’s hawk” for its ability to bring down small game such as duck, grouse, and rabbit.

This brief and successful hunt illustrates the deadly prowess of the hawk.

Falconry may be an ancient hunting practice but it is still incredible.


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Falconry Duck Hunting with a Goshawk [VIDEO]