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Facebook Plans to Ban Private Gun Sales

Private gun sales have been under heavy scrutiny lately, and now Zuckerberg jumps on the bandwagon. 

In rather unsurprising news that will have a large fallout for Second Amendment-supporting Americans all across the country, Facebook plans to stop the facilitation of private gun sales on it’s social media service, as well as Instagram, another social media company owned by Facebook.

According to this report, Facebook averages 1.6 billion users per month and has become one of the world’s leading facilitators of legal private guns sales where no background check is required. Now, with this new policy, guns will be grouped in the same illegal category as illicit drugs and not allowed to be traded, bartered, or paid for on any Facebook pages or groups.

The issue is this: Facebook facilitates the pages that private sellers or gun clubs operate on their social media pages that allows for private owners to meet and sell guns to prospective buyers. All of this is done without any sort of background check. If a felon or person with harmful intentions can’t buy a gun legally through an authorized dealer, they can join a gun group, contact a private prospective seller, meet up somewhere, and own a new gun.


One such person who has participated in a private gun sale in Florida has a rather unsettling take on the situation.

“I go to a secure location, and I say, ‘Can I see your driver’s license? Do you have a concealed-weapons permit?’ ” said Scott Schmoke in an interview. He went on to say that if he happens to get any sort of bad feeling, he won’t sell them the gun.

Okay…so all that stands between Mr. Schmoke and a possible crazy person wanting to do harm is a gut feeling? I think you might now be able to see why Facebook is taking the actions they are taking. Seeing as Schmoke is a private seller, a background check does not have to be performed at all on anyone that wants to buy a gun from him as long as they are a resident of his own state.

With this new stance on private guns sales that Facebook will be implementing soon, things are going to change for gun sales in America. Person to person sales will resort back to message boards, and knowing a guy who knows a guy. Maybe that’s not a bad thing. The government should have no business knowing whether or not I want a gun, as long as I am legal to do so.

It all seems to be angling towards our current administration’s promise to restrict private sales of guns in America. This, unfortunately, is a step in their direction.


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Facebook Plans to Ban Private Gun Sales