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Have You Ever Seen a Strutting Hen? [PICS]

Photos via John Obst

The chance to see a strutting hen is a rare occurrence for most turkey hunters. 

John Obst of McFarland, Wisconsin, has been seeing something strange in his turkey woods for the last couple of springs.

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As a matter of fact, two years ago Obst first saw this anomaly, then again just this past season. Luckily for us, he was able to get a few pictures to prove to others exactly what it is that he was seeing. If he didn’t have these pictures, and Obst told you that he had been seeing a strutting hen, you probably wouldn’t believe him.

However, here’s his proof.



The first time Obst encountered this bird, it reacted this way to his decoy, as seen above. It wasn’t just a freak occurrence either. This bird acted like this for some time, with intent.

As seen below, the second occurrence happened a year later with no decoy. Obst was calling and this hen came out of the woods in full strut. Perhaps it was the same bird. There is really no way to tell. However, it was the same farm.



So let’s hear it. Have you ever seen a strutting hen? If you have seen more than two, you can probably count yourself pretty lucky.

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Have You Ever Seen a Strutting Hen? [PICS]