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Ever Heard of the Daisy-Heddon V/L Caseless .22 Rifle?

The Daisy-Heddon V/L Caseless .22 Rifle is a rifle like no other. 

This weapon is actually an air rifle that ignites a caseless .22 cartridge.

Watch as Rock Island Auction tells us all about the ill fated Daisy-Heddon V/L Caseless .22 Rifle.

Wait Daisy had a .22 rifle that was not a bb gun? Well yes and no.

Daisy had the Daisy-Heddon V/L Caseless .22 Rifle that is actually an air rifle. The air power was hot enough to ignite a special caseless .22 caliber caseless round. Figure this was an air rifle that loaded and shot .22 caseless ammunition.

The death of this design is when the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms found out Daisy was manufacturing a “firearm”. Without the right permits, Daisy suspended all manufacture of this odd little rifle.



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Ever Heard of the Daisy-Heddon V/L Caseless .22 Rifle?