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Have You Ever Eaten Coyote Meat? Steven Rinella Has [VIDEO]

Steven Rinella and Remi Warren feast on fresh coyote meat and discuss its unique flavor.

Steven Rinella is as wide-ranging as can be when it comes to his tastes for wild game. He’s become famous for sharing inspiring ways to cook great food with (sometimes the gross parts of) wild game on his show MeatEater.

What inspired them to eat this unusual protein?


Well, there you have it. Coyote meat tastes like overcooked duck. It’s simultaneously dry and fatty.

Coyote hunters across the country prize the dogs’ winter pelts, and they harvest coyotes for game management purposes. However, most of those hunters don’t take advantage of the coyote meat.

Rinella and Warren’s reviews of coyote meat are reluctantly positive. Rinella suggests making sloppy joes or pulled meat BBQ sandwiches. He says, “On some basic level, meat is meat. It’s good if you cook it good.”

coyote meat wos


Pulled coyote sandwiches, anyone?

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Have You Ever Eaten Coyote Meat? Steven Rinella Has [VIDEO]