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Epic Battle Between Fox and Badger Caught on Film

Fox and Badger
Image via Screeshot

When there are more hungry animals than food, you run into constitutions like this fox and badger battling it out for dinner. 

Animals can get quite vicious when there is lack of food, or even when just protecting their own food.

I guess people are really not that different; if you find food when you’re hungry you are not going to be happy about someone else trying to take it.

Take this fox and badger for example, when one finds food, it’s going to be a battle to take it from him.

Even if it is only dog food, to wild animals like this fox and badger, it’s an easy meal and one that will not be given up without a fight.

Don’t forget that the next time you see an animal eating from your pets food; you wouldn’t want you, your child, or your pet to end up in a fight with a badger over a few bites of dog food.

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Epic Battle Between Fox and Badger Caught on Film