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Epic 2015 Fishing Fails [VIDEO]

Watch these epic fishing fails from this outstanding 2015 compilation.

The start of this crazy compilation will have you laughing out loud in short order. Then some aggressive predators will have you thinking twice before your next outing at the coast.

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Watch the video to see how your fishing fails might stack up against these. One other thing, I wouldn’t suggest drinking anything while you’re watching.


I hope none of you can’t relate to any of those epic fishing fails. I sure hope my trolling motor never tries to take me for a ride, nor do I intend to extend my casting range by leaping from the dock I’m fishing from.

But if an angry bill fish ever torpedoes into a boat I’m relaxing in, I’ll likely vacate the deck in short order too.

I just hope there won’t be any running cameras around to throw into the ocean, because that would probably get a tad expensive.



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Epic 2015 Fishing Fails [VIDEO]