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The Endo Tactical Brace: Don’t Shoulder Me, Bro!

See how the Endo tactical brace can help you shoot a pistol more comfortably.

Shouldering a pistol brace is a big problem with the BATF. The Endo Tactical Brace is very effective at delivering some amazing grouping and some very steady shots at long distance.

Pistol braces are nothing new to the market (some even going as far back as WWII), but something as modular as the Endo Tactical brace paired with the controversial Shockwave Blade can be pretty daring.


When used legally, the pistol brace offers some major support for people who have injuries or chronic hand tremors. The brace can be strapped to your forearm and you can definitely improve your shots.

Don’t you dare think about shouldering it like a rifle stock though. The ATF will send agents from the sky if they see that kind of activity. I genuinely don’t understand why this is the case, but for some reason shouldering a pistol seems to be deemed especially dangerous.

If you did want to shoot this pistol brace as shown in the video (shouldered), get ready to fill out your NFA paperwork to make this pistol with a brace into a short barreled rifle. Tread lightly and read ALL of your states laws applicable SBRs.

As a shooter I’m always drawn to anything wrapped in red NFA tape. I cant wait to see what the next hot button issue is.



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The Endo Tactical Brace: Don’t Shoulder Me, Bro!