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Emotional Support Turkey Takes a Ride on a Plane

100 to 1 odds say you’ve never seen an emotional support turkey before.

A picture of an emotional support turkey aboard a domestic U.S. flight took off on the Internet, and drew a swirl of attention due to the wackiness of the whole idea.

Frank Somerville with KTVU posted on his Facebook wall the photo with a surprising caption.

FB/Frank Somerville/KTVU

This is one of the most unusual things I’ve ever seen.
This is a turkey going through security at SFO last week.
This turkey is a comfort animal for a woman who lost her husband.
The turkey is her companion.
She even says that she sleeps with it at night.
I had no idea.
You can bring a comfort animal on board as long as you have the proper documentation from a mental health professional.
There are rules though.
Once on board the animal can’t walk through the cabin.
It also can’t block the aisles or take up seats near emergency exits.
It would be easy here to make fun of the woman.
But I’ve seen enough things in my lifetime to realize that what may seem bizarre to me, is perfectly normal for someone else.
And think about this.
If you happened to be the passenger next to that turkey, you’d sure have a great story to tell all your friends.

Sure, dogs are common, and maybe even a pig here and there, but a support animal of a different feather just doesn’t seem to add up. We aren’t sure how a bird known to be finicky, unpredictable, and sometimes outright ridiculous could be used to calm a person down, but hey, whatever floats your boat.

And to think, some hunters can try for days to get a turkey to come close enough to shoot. Why’s this one sitting comfortably on a plane seat?


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Emotional Support Turkey Takes a Ride on a Plane