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Elk Hunting: Breaking Down and Packing out Your Harvest

Montanta Wild

After a successful elk hunt, the hard work begins. This video should make it a little easier.

I have yet to hunt elk, at least in reality and not just my dreams, but you can bet that one day I will. I’ve always admired the toughness and dedication backcountry elk hunting requires. A long hike in to find the game, followed by more walking and stalking, and eventually, if you’re lucky, a long, heavy pack out.

A long, heavy pack is unavoidable if you want to be successful. But, the guys at Montana Wild want to learn you something. Follow them on a successful elk hunt where they give a detailed how-to on breaking down an elk and how to pack it out using appropriate gear and techniques.

Growing up and hunting in Pennsylvania, I’ve never had the need to break down and pack out an animal in the field. Most whitetail hunting involves dragging a dressed animal to the vehicle or nearest trail.

However, I’ve taken more interest into public land hunting. There’s a lot of public ground to cover here in Penn., but it requires some serious hiking to get away from the crowds.

Thus, dragging a whitetail the whole way back to the truck isn’t feasible. I’m going to apply these techniques to whitetails this coming season, and hopefully elk in the not-so-far future.


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Elk Hunting: Breaking Down and Packing out Your Harvest