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Elk Herd Takes a Leisurely Stroll Through River [VIDEO]


It’s not every day you see an elk herd, and it’s not every day that herd is wading through a river.

Drivers got an up-close view of an elk herd in the Great Smoky Mountains, but in a rather unusual location.

A motorist captured this video of the elk taking a leisurely stroll in a river snaking through the town of Cherokee, N.C. The elk, which amounted to more than a dozen animals, seemed unfazed by the presence of man around them.

We don’t know a whole lot about this video, just that it’s from a Carolina affiliate for FOX and it’s, well, awesome.

FOX Carolina 21

For another video of Smoky Mountain elk getting up-close and personal with humans, click here.

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Elk Herd Takes a Leisurely Stroll Through River [VIDEO]