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Elk Dance Looks Like a Grand Old Time [VIDEO]


What a treat to to see a herd of elk cows dancing in the water.

We’re not sure where exactly this impromptu elk dance party took place, but we’re glad someone with a camera was there to capture it.

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A modest herd of what looks to be mostly cows and calves entered a shallow lake, and seemed to suddenly be overcome with joy. Single animals and several at a time begin hopping, splashing and kicking into the air, and turning to their fellow elk as if to say, “Come on! Let’s play!”


We don’t often see big ungulates playing like frisky dogs with one another, but I suppose even elk get spring fever sometimes and just want to kick their heels up when it’s nice outside.

This elk dance video is from Rocky Mountain Art Studio.

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Elk Dance Looks Like a Grand Old Time [VIDEO]