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Elephant Wreaks Havoc with Riders on His Back


This angry elephant smashes things in southern India and not even its two riders can calm it down.

When an elephant decides it is angry and it wants to smash things, there’s little one can do to calm it down. This one in India smashes motorbikes and rickshaws with relative ease.

And there’s nothing the two terrified riders can do to calm him down.

You so often see videos of elephants acting peacefully, it’s easy to forget the awesome power an elephant can wield with its trunk until you see a video like this. It lifted that vehicle like it wasn’t even there. Unfortunately for those two riders, the most terrifying, but probably safest spot to be at that exact moment was on the animal’s back.

Pretty crazy stuff. Thankfully it appears the damage was limited to vehicles and not people in this case.



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Elephant Wreaks Havoc with Riders on His Back