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Drug Bust in Wisconsin Ice Fishing Shack

Bob Travis

Teenagers turn ice fishing illegal in Wisconsin.

In quiet little Lincoln County in north central Wisconsin, something surprising took place. On Feb. 23 an officer was investigating an interesting smell coming from an ice fishing shack on Lake Alexander in Wisconsin. While he was walking to the shacks, a car pulled up and took off as soon as they spotted the officer.

When the car took off after spotting police, the sheriff stopped the car and discovered that two teenagers were inside. An 18-year-old violating probation and a 17-year-old with a warrant out for his arrest.

Once the arrests had been made, the officer went back to the shack only to discover the smell of marijuana had strengthened. They found another 17-year-old along with a 19-year-old in the shack with pot and paraphernalia.

About a half-dozen other teenagers were also cited for underage drinking then sent home.

Who knew that ice fishing could be cause such debauchery?

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Drug Bust in Wisconsin Ice Fishing Shack