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Hunter’s Hack: DIY Turkey Tube Call [VIDEO]

Building unique, homemade game calls is a great skill to add to your collection.

A while back, I showed you how to make your own tube call from an old pill bottle. The guys at Antler Geeks made a quick video demonstrating the same thing, and you can hear the finished call.

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This is a really cool, simple project. It requires no skill and you can use common household items.


Larger pill bottles tend to produce a better sound and use only powderless latex for the reed. Tube calls take some time to master, but they produce more sounds than any other turkey calls available today.

I made one a few weeks ago, and I plan to use it when I scout for spring turkey. Hopefully, it will get the toms riled up and a little curious as to what hen is making the noise.

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Hunter’s Hack: DIY Turkey Tube Call [VIDEO]