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Deer Hits the Gym for a Workout as Stunned Onlookers Watch


This deer just wanted to hit the gym and work out.

In keeping with the annual fall and early winter trend of “deer-out-of-place” stories, we just got some whacky footage out of Anderson, South Carolina.

It seems this deer wanted to join in with all the humans doing their afternoon workout routines at Gold’s Gym.

Watch the surprised looks of employees and customers alike as the deer runs amok in the place.

Man, when that buck first breaks through the glass, he SLAMS into that treadmill hard!

Fox 8 News Reports no one was injured in the incident, but three panes of glass did get destroyed in the deer’s wayward jog at the gym.

The fate of the deer is unknown. The gym, much like a car wash in Pennsylvania that just had its own deer-run in incident, the gym had a little fun with posting the security camera footage to Facebook.

“He thought we said a buck could join but it’s a buck to join,” they wrote with the video. With the final video of the animal’s exit they wrote; “As he dashed out of sight we heard Merry Christmas to all!”

Add this video to an already impressive collection of “deer in a building” incidents in 2016. There was the deer in an Indiana café, the one that leaped off a highway bridge and crashed through a roof.

Oh, and don’t forget just a few days ago, a teenager made headlines after shooting an 8-point buck dead that was tearing up his house.

Meanwhile, we’re just waiting to see what crazy place a deer will show next to top this one!


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Deer Hits the Gym for a Workout as Stunned Onlookers Watch