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Dark Lures vs Bright Lures, Which is Better for Pike Fishing? [VIDEO]


Bright lures or dark lures – which is better for catching pike?

Anglers typically make that choice based on the weather and water conditions. A bright sunny day calls for light colored baits, while dark and cloudy conditions call for the darker colored lures.

But there’s always exceptions, especially when you’re fishing for a predator fish with a voracious appetite.

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The video below, filmed in Northern Ireland, tests two hookless lures, one dark and bright, to see which one pike will strike more.The lure used in this video is a Cannibal Shad made by lure maker SavageGear.

As you know, pike strike fast and hard, and they don’t let up at all on these lures.

The Dark lure took seven hits and the bright lure five took five hits.

The Cannibal Shad is a soft lure that looks like a small prey fish with an even smaller fish in its belly. To see more of the Cannibal Shad in action, check out this video.

What’s your favorite lure for pike fishing?

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Dark Lures vs Bright Lures, Which is Better for Pike Fishing? [VIDEO]