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How Many Times Does This Jumping Mako Shark Breach? [VIDEO]

This insane jumping mako shark breaches repeatedly after being hooked. It’s a fairly large shark, and nearly jumps in the boat.

These guys probably never dreamed they’d see a jumping mako shark when they left the dock the day this video was shot. It doesn’t just jump a couple times. It leaps from the ocean over and over again in its valiant attempts at escape.

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This mako must have some tarpon buddies because it acts more like a silver king than a shark. I’ve never seen anything like it.


The shark jumps ten times before throwing the hook. The guys start the boat and try to chase it when they realize its taking off, but this was one smart fish. Something tells me this shark had been hooked before. It also ran towards the boat and from left to right before taking off, trying desperately to loosen the hook.

It seemed to stay very close to the surface the entire time they had it hooked. Had it dug deep it probably would have buried the hook and ended up caught.

I can’t imagine what might have happened if it would have actually jumped in the boat. But I’d wager it wouldn’t have been pretty.




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How Many Times Does This Jumping Mako Shark Breach? [VIDEO]